Investment philosophy

We firmly believe that throughout the economic cycle superior returns can be achieved through:

  • Sector focus: BlueGem focuses on industries in which it has knowledge and expertise and can leverage a competitive advantage. BlueGem’s key industries are:
      • Branded consumer facing business able to command sustainable premium prices in their reference market, defensible revenues, strong consumer recognition, differentiated value proposition, potential for overseas expansion.
      • European distribution channels (wholesale and retail) with strategic value for foreign players.
  • Geographic focus: BlueGem focuses on Western European countries, including UK, Ireland, France, Iberia, Italy, Benelux and Denmark, where it has a network of relationships that allow effective sourcing of investment opportunities.
  • Discipline: BlueGem follows clear investment principles and adheres to them for all investment decisions. Our key investment characteristics include:
      • Brand, product, channel and geographic expansion.
      • Margin improvement potential.
      • Strong cash flow generation potential and return on capital employed.
  • Entrepreneurial approach to portfolio management: BlueGem acts as a hands-on partner to identify value creation opportunities and actively supports the companies to achieve them.
  • Deliverability: BlueGem has a fast and deliverable investment process due to our lean decision-making structure.
  • Fair dealings: BlueGem believes in the principle that morality is longevity.
  • Investment size: Equity investment size: between €25 million and €75 million (or higher with co-investments).
  • Transaction type: Buyouts, growth capital, replacement capital or restructuring of companies with short-term operating challenges and/or financial problems, but sound fundamentals.