DMC, Wool And The Gang and Sirdar are three complementary, global needlecraft brands.

BlueGem invested in the DMC Group from August 2016 to February 2019.

DMC (Dollfus-Mieg et Compagnie) is a global embroidery brand, founded in 1746, which still manufactures on its historic site in Mulhouse, in the East of France. The “Mouliné”, a premium cotton thread available in 465 different colours, is a reference within crafts and fashion and can be found in almost every haberdashery store or craft chain globally.

Wool and The Gang is a dynamic, fast-growing online business selling knitting kits and yarns to young, cool consumers. It was first launched at Colette in France in December 2008 and then in NYC and Tokyo in 2009. Since then it has benefited from outstanding PR, with several celebrities endorsing their products and fashion designers working on collaborations.

Sirdar is a British brand of hand-knitting yarns established in 1880, with a market-leading position in the UK and a growing presence in the USA. The company also manufactures high quality technical yarns for cut and thermal resistant gloves.


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    4 August2016

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While it has always been the go-to-brand for embroidery, since 2012 DMC has accelerated its diversification into adjacent needlecraft categories, notably crochet and knitting yarns. Such yarns are manufactured by trusted partners in Europe, then branded and distributed by DMC throughout the world.

The addition of Sirdar will reinforce the Group’s footprint in knitting, while Wool and The Gang will help rejuvenate the Group’s overall product offering and open new distribution channels.

Overall the combined Group is a truly global company, with c. 50% of sales in Europe, 35% in the US and 15% in Asia. It has a production facility in Mulhouse, logistic centres in France, the UK, the US, Singapore and Japan, and commercial offices in Spain and Italy.

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